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Scandal S05E02 Yes .

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Published on Oktober 3, 2015


Scandal S05E02 Yes .


Drama, Thriller, TV Series


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Nonton Film Seri Scandal S05E02 Yes

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After photos of Olivia and Fitz come out, she freaks out and leaves the White House. Fitz tries to handle it by finding out who leaked the photos. Mellie offers to stand by Fitz’s side but he refuses. Abby tries to get the President to speak to the press but he refuses and refuses to do what she says. Cyrus offers Abby some advise. Olivia needing a distraction decides to work a case wherein the son of a wealthy man is suspected of killing his father and he disappears. So Olivia is hired by the man’s wife who’s the boy’s step-mother to find him. Jake offers to help her. When they find him he claims he suspects his step-mother killed him.

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