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Nymphomaniac Vol 1 2013

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Published on Februari 22, 2015


Nymphomaniac Vol 1 2013




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Nonton Film Nymphomaniac Vol 1 2013


Nymphomaniac Vol 1 2013. A man named Seligman finds a fainted wounded woman in an alley and he brings her home. She tells him that her name is Joe and that she is nymphomaniac. Joe tells her life and sexual experiences with hundreds of men since she was a young teenager while Seligman tells about his hobbies, such as fly fishing, reading about Fibonacci numbers or listening to organ music.
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Film Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)
Nonton Film Nymphomaniac: Vol. I 2013 Rating: 7.0/10 (93,763 votes)
Director: Lars von Trier
Writer: Lars von Trier
Stars: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf
Runtime: 117 min
Genre: Drama
Released: 06 Mar 2014
Plot: A self-diagnosed nymphomaniac recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating.

Nymphomaniac Vol 1 2013

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