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New Blood S01E01 Case One Part One

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Nonton Film Seri New Blood S01E01 Case One Part One

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In India a group of young Britons agree to take part in clinical tests for Green Fern chemicals firm though one of them, Henry Williams, escapes and kills a doctor. Six years later in London DC Rash Sayyad assists DS Sands after teacher Mark Henson is found murdered. In the course of enquiries Rash learns from Mark’s colleague Laura Jones that they were two of the Indian guinea pigs, a third one, Steve Mullen, having also been killed and arousing Rash’s suspicions that Laura is also in danger. Henry, living at home with his mother, is clearly a very troubled young man. Meanwhile fraud officer Stefan Kowolski is sent undercover by bosses Eleanor Davies and Marcus Johnson to investigate David Leese, CEO of Remicon, pharmaceuticals, suspected of bribing doctors to buy his products and, unknown to Stefan, with a link to Green Fern.

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