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I Like Sexy Women 3..

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Published on Juni 7, 2015


I Like Sexy Women 3..


Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance


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Nonton Film I Like Sexy Women 3


I Like Sexy Women 3. Aka 나는 야한 여자가 좋다 3. Ma Gang-se (Kang Pil-seon) is branded at work as the pervert professor and in the end, he gets fired. He thinks there's no more reasons to live and leaves on a trip by himself before he commits suicide. On his trip, he meets a mysterious woman named Sara (Son Ga-ram). He spends every night with her and satisfies his erotic fantasies, However, Kang-se starts to suspect her existence as she appears and disappears all the time. Finally, the shocking truth about her is unveiled
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I Like Sexy Women 3

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