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Criminal Minds S12E15 Alpha Male .

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Nonton Film Seri Criminal Minds S12E15 Alpha Male


Criminal Minds S12E15 Alpha Male. Denied bail for being deemed a possible flight risk, Reid is sent to a correctional facility in the general population for holding instead of in protective custody in the overcrowded jail. Reid's predicament, which places him at risk, may not be by accident. He receives some unexpected advice on survival on the inside. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is called to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where in two separate incidents half an hour apart, two twentysomethings, a male and a female, were doused in the face with acid. These incidents follow two other closely timed acid dousings one week prior, also of a twentysomething male and female. Of the three victims the team is able to interview, they all state that their attacker was a male wearing an overcoat and baseball cap, and uttered something in a foreign language just prior to the attack.
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