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Criminal Minds S11E20 Inner Beauty

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Nonton Film Seri Criminal Minds S11E20 Inner Beauty

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The BAU heads to Sacramento, California, where two women were found dead together in a water tank in an SRO in the poor Oak Park neighborhood. Although only one woman is initially identified, it is believed that both women led a high risk lifestyle of prostitution and drugs, albeit the one identified who they learn was trying to get out of the life, including becoming clean. Both women also had their faces slashed several times, both pre- and post-mortem, although the instrument used to make the slashes post-mortem different – more precise – than those when the victims were alive. The identified victim was also wearing a dress not typical of her attire, while there are signs of a poorly done recent hair dye job on the Jane Doe, leading the team to believe that the unsub is remaking his victims into the vision of the real woman of his rage.

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